Mobile knowledge transfer in action.

Give your team the specialist knowledge they need and promote collaboration across your enterprise.

Lemon® can be used for eLearning as well as knowledge management. Lemon®’s true strengths come to play wherever you need to deliver knowledge to mobile devices. Lemon® displays content such as webinars or teaching videos as well as all other forms of corporate information, such as catalogues, brochures, price lists, product videos, instructions, specifications for merchandising, technical product specifications, etc. – making it the ideal mobile content hub for your organization.

Lemon in retail and wholesale.

Visual merchandising, retail information, collections – send everything direct to your team’s smartphones.

What’s your vision for the digital flow of information for sales channels in retail, wholesale and franchising? Wouldn’t it be great if you could send visual merchandising information, details of collections and monthly promotion information straight to your vendors, retail and wholesale employees through their smartphones and tablets? If push notifications could be used to flag flash collections or current discounts? With Lemon® you can now deliver sales documents, change news, current price lists, product knowledge such as videos or brochures, sales arguments, POS support or ad-hoc information for supplier returns straight to your team – regardless of where they are: online or offline, in the store on site, on the road, in the office or at the customer’s premises. In addition, your team can photograph or film the finished displays with Lemon® and send them back to head office. Or your team can share best practices and collaborate. Get in touch and we’ll show you the wealth of benefits Lemon® offers for retail and wholesale applications.

Lemon in logistics.

Training courses in logistics and warehousing, information for commercial drivers or hazardous goods officers – mobile knowledge is always at their fingertips.

Drivers, freight forwarders, dispatchers or instructors – on-going further training is essential to empower key personnel to respond sustainably to the increasingly complex demands of modern logistics. Mobile learning with Lemon® is the perfect choice. Whether it’s about transporting hazardous goods, social and labor regulations, advanced training to become a certified master of logistics or master of transport and traffic, cold chain rules, theoretical teaching units for driving safety and many more fields: most topics and training programs can be delivered on smartphones through learning videos, PDFs or webinars. This saves hotel and travel expenses, as well as the cost of organizing seminars. It also makes learning highly effective thanks to continuous professional development in small learning units and it builds a great sense of community and collaboration with chat options and forums for large, decentral workforces.

Lemon in the healthcare sector.

Using mobile knowledge management for your employees, physicians, pharmacists and medical staff.

Lemon® is the ideal solution for end-to-end communication, e.g. between pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists, PTAs and physicians – before and after congresses, for periodical information or for product launches. Using Lemon® in these scenarios can help to reduce your print, media and postage costs significantly. Additionally, accreditation points and rankings offer an innovative option to incentivize learning. Another potential application is an eLearning system for employees in hospitals and care centers. Wherever there is limited access to computers, smartphones and tablets are the ideal solution, providing swift and convenient access, for example to technical manuals, time account management, the latest hygiene rules, personnel management courses or chats within specialist departments. In the back-end you can track all content that has been downloaded by users; if required, administrators can see who accessed which learning assets and when.

Lemon in franchise operations.

Ideal for permanent digital information exchange with franchise partners, employees and suppliers.

Lemon® isn’t just a great asset for employee learning and training across all branches in a mobile academy. It can also be used in many other scenarios: as a content hub, Lemon® is the ideal mobile platform for sharing important information. From onboarding courses for new recruits, compilations of contracts and agreements, building and equipment lists, digital manuals, information for business start-ups, best practices for partners, media center templates for advertising and promotional materials, marketing campaigns, studies or for forums and chats – for all areas, departments and employee groups, Lemon® makes it easy to distribute customized information at the click of a button. This ensures that all necessary corporate information for your franchise system is permanently accessible on smartphones and tablets. Using the dashboard, administrators can track who accessed and viewed which information when. Additional extensions, for example, for the digital management of events and seminars or integration of periodical newsletters in Lemon®, can be easily implemented according to your individual needs. Get in touch – we would love to show you what Lemon® can do for your business in a demo and a personal meeting.

Lemon in associations and organizations.

Give your members the latest information –
regularly, digitally and super easy for everyone to access.

Association work, e.g. for legal and tax issues, health, sports etc., is another area where digital knowledge management using mobile devices truly comes into its own. As well as the massive savings potential for print and media costs, the focus here is on the ability to deliver information swiftly and directly. With Lemon® you can proactively provide different user groups with new content and make it available for online and offline use at the push of a button – on all conceivable device platforms, with targeted push notes and social features such as rating and comment functions to boost collaboration. Online seminars, learning videos and newsletters can be shared and shop solutions for eCommerce purposes can also be integrated into Lemon®. Please contact us if you would like a demo.

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