Lemon. The next-generation
mobile learning system.

Lemon®’s powerful performance and capabilities means that there are practically no limits to what you can do with the system. The intuitive operating concept is gesture-controlled and the user interface can be fully adapted to your corporate design. Additionally, you can add on to Lemon® to meet your individual needs. Our aim is to make Lemon® a mobile learning system that people love using and can navigate just as easily as they use media applications like iTunes® or Netflix®.


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Runs on tablets, smartphones and desktop PCs.

As a native system Lemon® is stable and reliable; it runs on Android and Apple iOS devices or, if required, as a browser-based application on a desktop PC. This means your teams have access to all their knowledge at any time and from anywhere – even on several devices simultaneously.

So easy that anyone can
use it, even without training
or instructions.

The intuitive user interface and gesture controls mean that not only digital natives but also people who have no prior experience can easily use Lemon®. The native system environment has one very decisive advantage: it is supremely easy to use. All it takes for your employees is two clicks to get straight into the Lemon® system. Let us show you in an online demo just how easy it is to navigate around and use Lemon®!

Suitable for all contents.

Lemon® can display all data formats that are used for learning and knowledge sharing: videos, podcasts, PDFs, webinars, web-based trainings and HTML 5 content. Got special requirements? No problem – get in touch and we’ll find a solution. And what’s best of all: you can access all downloaded content offline, e.g. on the train, in production, at a customer’s office, etc.

For all target groups.

Lemon® can be used not only internally but also externally. You can also distribute targeted content to all other important interest groups and keep it up-to-date. And in the case of important announcements via push news ensure that the target group is really informed.

One base system, many add-ons.

The basic system of Lemon® already meets the basic requirements for a mobile e-learning system. It can be specifically adapted to your wishes through expansion modules. This way you only use the functions you need. If your requirements increase, you can add further modules to your system at any time. Furthermore, we are also able to implement individual ideas.

Chat & Forum
for collaborative work.

With Lemon® all your teams can communicate instantaneously and directly in chats or forums – including groups and attachments. The chat server can be operated by your IT department, giving you complete control over data security when your team sends files via Messenger.

Learn at any time.
And complete certificates.

Lemon® lets your employees check their learning progress whenever they want to and complete courses at their own speed. Additionally, users can earn certificates – Lemon® will automatically issue certificates according to your specifications. Lemon® will also send out push notifications as reminders to employees when certificates need to be renewed.

Want to share important information with your team? Send push notes!

Have you uploaded new content and want to tell your employees? There are new chat messages? A certificate is about to expire? All of these scenarios are no problem with Lemon®. The system uses push notes to inform your users – all they have to do is click on the message to go straight to the new content. Easy and direct.

Speaks any language your company does.

As a multilingual learning system, Lemon® can be operated in all languages, making it the ideal solution for international organizations. Lemon® will automatically display the selected system language.

The Lemon LMS.

and easy to use.

The Lemon® back-end is a supremely easy solution to managing content and users. All you need to do is create or import users, divide them into groups, assign rights, upload content, allocate learning modules, define learning paths, create points and time accounts, track results – done! Within a single day you’ll be up and running, with all your content assigned. For knowledge curricula and certifications all you need to do is enter the relevant questions and answers and publish them for your users. If you already have a LMS, Lemon® can work with your data via an interface and feed data back into your system.

Maximum data security for your content.

It goes without saying that your data is transmitted to the mobile devices in encrypted form. As additional security measures, the system supports Apple’s Touch-ID® and Face-ID® to allow users to access the application with a fingerprint or facial recognition. The additional server components needed for communication between the app and the Lemon® back-end/LMS can also run on your servers to give you complete control over access to your data. The Lemon® back-end is cloud-based and we host it through large, state-of-the-art data centers in Germany.

A user interface that adapts to your corporate design.

Lemon® is designed to integrate your design. From corporate typography, color codes or sound logos – there’s no limit to what we can integrate in Lemon®. This lets you turn your learning system into a key element in your employer branding. For an example of what the system would look like in your CD, simply get in touch with our sales staff.

What do our clients say about Lemon?

“Because we can make quick and uncomplicated changes to the contents, the system is particularly suitable for the fast-moving textile industry with its numerous collection changes – and it can be individually tailored to the needs of the company”.

Karl-Friedrich Schielmann | Managing Director of Pierre Cardin | P. C. Ahlers GmbH

“We are a company with production and sales locations spread all over the world. Thus, our knowledge and operational information are scattered around the world. With Lemon®, we finally have the ability to build a knowledge base to share our internal know-how globally and in real-time: extremely intuitive to use and easy to manage – and that’s a big plus for our employees.”

Stefan Matschuck | North Sails GmbH | Managing Director

“The Lemon® mobile learning system scores with its intuitive user interface and the universal application possibilities: videos, WBTs, HTML5 – all file formats can be displayed. Another great benefit is the system’s offline capability, because in today’s environments, we need to make learning content accessible to employees everywhere and at any time. Lemon® achieves this goal very effectively.”

Thomas Hohn | Haspa Academy | Team Education Management and eLearning

“With Lemon® we offer our clients – managers and sales staff – different learning programs for motivation, performance, sales strategies or change management as videos, web-based training, PDFs etc. Our clients are thrilled! This enables us to optimally prepare and follow up our face-to-face seminars and make our know-how permanently available to our clients.”

Rainer Albers | Performance Coach | Managing Director AMC

“With Lemon, our customers save enormous resources: instead of attending a classroom event, employees can decide for themselves when their training takes place. The simple and intuitive operation of the platform also saves time, and changes can be made quickly and easily. Lemon’s uncomplicated service is another plus point”.

Stefan Latz | Chief Consultant / Data Protection Officer | TÜV HESSEN

“We chose Lemon because we needed a solution that would continue to evolve. Compared to other vendors, Lemon is easy to use across multiple devices, has a good price/performance ratio, and covers key features for us to quickly and easily create digital learning experiences.“

MAX MIELKE | Instructional Designer | HEADSTART STUDIOS GmbH

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