The advantages
of mobile learning.

Permanent access to corporate know-how.
Welcome to Learning 4.0!

As an extension of existing training and further education programs in organizations, mobile learning is an ideal supplementary tool. Employees are free to decide when and where they want to learn, for example, in their personal environment. Lemon® fully supports and promotes independent learning. Direct access to content allows users to learn according to their individual requirements and professional concerns. Learning on demand requires mobile devices. It also helps to build and intensify the interaction between instructors and staff, e.g. with specialist forums for quick questions and answers. Investments in mobile learning are swiftly amortized as the system can help to reduce the need for expensive face-to-face seminars with high travel and ancillary costs, depending on the size and organization of the company.

For all employees.

Mobile learning can be used by all employee groups, from field sales force to production and marketing. Content can be precisely channeled and aligned to specific factors such as security clearance level. For decentral organizations without fixed desktop computers, tablets and smartphones are ideal sources of knowledge as they are supremely easy to operate and can be used in native system environments to deliver learning units online as well as offline.

For all sectors and industries.

Mobile learning is a great asset for all areas and across all sectors and industries. Mobile learning is the answer to knowledge transfer in any scenario where extensive specialist knowledge and corporate know-how need to be made continually available and updated, and employees need to have precise, in-depth information about complex details, new rules and regulations, process techniques, modified guidelines, etc. Complex interrelationships in highly specialized industries such as pharmaceuticals, medicine or advanced technology can be communicated better and more efficiently using eLearning and mobile devices. Learn more…

Lemon® comes with its own learning management system
or it can be integrated in your existing LMS.

If you want to deliver content in a targeted way, manage constantly updated content, user groups, teaching units and certifications, and ensure that you can track your employees’ progress, you need a Learning Management System (LMS). Any mobile learning system worth its salt must have its own LMS or be flexible enough allow it to be integrated in any existing environment via an interface. Lemon® ticks both of these boxes.

Short and sweet – the advantages of mobile learning:

Ideal for employees
without a permanent
computer workstation

Now, even mobile employees can benefit from eLearning and can learn wherever they are and at any time.

Motivated employees
thanks to control over
the learning process

Give your people more control over their learning process by offering spaced microlearning delivered in content nuggets to mobile devices, allowing them to learn in bite-sized portions at anytime and anywhere. This enables learning to become part of everyday life and boosts motivation.

learning speed

Users can learn at their own, individual speed thanks to mobile learning delivered via tablets and smartphones.

Constantly updated
learning content

The latest content – for everyone! With the aid of push-notes, you can alert your employees to new content, and let them access it at the push of a button.

Interactive learning
with staff and

Mobile learning systems allow employees to learn interactively and collaboratively with their co-workers and instructors through chats, forums, assessment, comments and other feedback features, including photos and videos.

Save costs by
fewer face-to-face

There’s no getting around face-to-face seminars. But by reducing the number of seminar days, your organization can save costs without sacrificing the sustainable consolidation of knowledge.

All data formats can be used.

From teaching videos, audio files, SCORM content, PDFs, WBTs, presentations, HTML-5 content, animations or documents – mobile learning systems can be used to deliver all standard learning formats to the user.


What do the experts say about mobile learning?

“Digitization offers new attractive ways of integrating the world of learning and the world of work. Knowledge modules can be used selectively, the advice of co-workers is requested for specific questions and immediately put into practice. This significantly increases motivation to learn and learning success.”

Jörg Schäfer, Director Academy of the German Association for Personnel Management

“For me, mobile learning is an essential component of personnel development. Interaction through mobile devices has become the new norm, and is perceived as a strong, irreversible trend in the HR sector.”

Andrea Mohnsame, Consultant at Spencer Stuart

“The results of our 2016 study show that the majority of organizations surveyed do not yet use mobile learning. At the same time, they rate the importance of mobile learning as high and believe it has great potential for the future.”

Mathias Fleig, Editor-in-chief eLearning Journal at Siepmann Media

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