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Lemon® is a leading mobile learning system that enables companies to provide their employees, field forces and external teams with the right knowledge anywhere, anytime. Learn how Lemon® can help your team achieve greater success through mobile knowledge transfer without borders.

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We want to give people the freedom to engage with knowledge whenever, however and with whatever they want.

What drives us is to give everyone the chance to learn in a self-determined way. Only if each of us can easily and readily access knowledge at any time and from anywhere will we be happy to do so. Being independent of time and place is the highest good and means absolute freedom. And mobile learning with Lemon® means complete freedom of knowledge. Try it out.

Our lives are mobile, and so is our work. Knowledge is needed at all times and on demand. How does your know-how reach your employees?

Our agile world requires (learning) competent employees. Lifelong learning, informing and training should not be perceived as a constraint, but as an opportunity. To make knowledge transfer as effective, easy and pleasant as possible, we develop innovative training solutions that are fun and motivate self-determined learning, sharing knowledge, communicating and participating in the common progress of knowledge.

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