Mobile Learning.
Digital knowledge –
anywhere, at any time.

Bring your entire corporate know-how to every platform.
Available anywhere and at any time. Online and offline.

Digital knowledge transfer using eLearning is today’s state-of-the-art. The rapidly emerging mobile learning trend has taken eLearning a step further by making digital content available to users at any time, in any place and whenever they need it. Mobile learning provides the ideal foundation for independent learning and knowledge-on-demand. But only an efficient digital learning platform that is easy and fun to use and which offers flexibility will be embraced and appreciated by users. Let us show you how you can use Lemon® to give your team better, faster and easier access to learning resources, and at the same time reduce your costs.

The advantages
of mobile learning
at a glance.

and simple

The intuitive user interface makes it supremely easy for your employees to work with the system, and makes it an attractive proposition even for older, non-digital-native employees.

on demand

The native Lemon® app ensures that your employees have access to product knowledge and corporate know-how at the point of need – even when they’re offline and without WiFi.

in your LMS

The choice is yours: you can deliver Lemon® through the Lemon® LMS or link it to your existing LMS. The Lemon® LMS is clearly structured and easy to operate.

Lemon’s services and features.

Lemon case studies.

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