Mobile Learning with
Lemon: easy, intuitive
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Lemon is the efficient connection of communication,
collaboration and binding knowledge transfer.

The mobility of our working world is increasing, agility is essential. With Lemon® you can meet the growing demands: Make your corporate know-how, your internal communication and your entire e-learning available to all users on the move. On demand. On tablets, smartphones and PCs.


Distribute your business knowledge, for example, in sales, customer service, logistics, service: product information, best practices, POS information, promotions, prices, …


Ideal for the use of web-based trainings, knowledge tests, certifications, learning videos, blended learnings etc. in knowledge transfer and education and training. And all this online and offline on mobile devices.


Simple and fast communication between employees via forum and/or chat: one-on-one or in groups, on specific topics or in general. Just as known from common messengers.

The advantages
of Lemon at a glance:

and simple

The intuitive user interface makes it supremely easy for your employees to work with the system, and makes it an attractive proposition even for older, non-digital-native employees.

and offline

The Lemon® system ensures that your employees have access to product knowledge and corporate know-how at the point of need – even when they’re offline.

On all

No matter which platform you want to distribute your content on: Lemon® runs on all mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and browser-based PC.

Lemon’s services and features.

What is e-learning and especially mobile learning?


E-learning generally refers to learning via electronic or digital media. Learning can take place either on a PC or laptop, or mobile on smartphones and tablets.


Classic mobile learning, as a further development of e-learning, is characterised by the fact that content is provided mobile and thus always and everywhere by means of special software and platforms and is available flexibly. Employees gain even more flexibility when the mobile learning systems are also available offline in native apps, i.e. apps that have been specially developed for the respective operating system. Learning content from the platform that was previously downloaded in the WLAN can thus also be consumed on the move without using up the data volume and being dependent on a strong internet connection.


Mobile learning systems enable learners to learn independently and individually, when and where they want. Thus, e-learning is actually only a logical consequence of the entire social development – and of digitalisation. Whereas in the past one had to constantly consult an encyclopaedia to answer everyday or school questions, people now use their smartphones, which have an answer to every question, no matter where they are. It is therefore not surprising that learning content is now also provided via the web and special software systems, the learning management systems (LMS), and that courses can also be organised digitally if required. At the same time, communication between learners and teachers, but also among each other, can be ensured on the platform with corresponding software supplements such as forum, chat, online video conferencing or other integrated communication options.

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The advantages of a mobile and e-learning learning software system


Whether in our private or professional lives, we are all subject to a constant learning process. Many employees are also very interested in further training, but they simply do not have the time to participate in traditional training opportunities. Nowadays, face-to-face seminars or timetabled e-learning courses often no longer fit into employees’ private and working lives.


Mobile learning changes this situation. The possibility of having access to the most important information at any time and from anywhere and of acquiring learning content regardless of location means that every employee can continue his or her education according to need. In addition, companies can provide learning content in the form of small knowledge nuggets via the given possibilities of the learning management system and thus prepare them especially for mobile learning. In addition, all content can be viewed again and again and what has been learned can be internalised through repetition. This gives the learner absolute flexibility and a great deal of autonomy. With mobile learning, the learner also completes tests, whether voluntary or compulsory, on the move and on his or her mobile device. The knowledge tests guarantee a concrete measurability of the learning success. In addition, online seminars and certifications are possible, and learning successes can be directly incentivised – keyword gamification: playful elements and competitions encourage employees and increase the fun of learning. Consumed content and passed knowledge tests can be incentivised with points, which are then awarded with a learning status or can also be redeemed for material rewards. This increases the motivation to learn and increases the participation of the employees.


Learning becomes a convenient and time-saving affair with mobile learning and the software systems provided for it; knowledge can be expanded on demand. E-learning and mobile learning also reduce the need to carry around print documents and other materials. All documents and information are centrally located on a mobile learning platform and it only takes a few clicks to get direct access to this information. Mobile Learning is therefore not only suitable for the internal further training of employees in companies, but is also used in sales in digital sales support, in customer contact, with suppliers or service partners – wherever information needs to be provided simply, intuitively and on demand, and communication with each other needs to be ensured. Try it out – with Lemon®: Mobile Learning. Mobile Knowhow. Mobile Communication.

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