Mobile Learning with
Lemon: easy, intuitive
and on demand.


Lemon is the efficient connection of communication,
collaboration and binding knowledge transfer.

The mobility of our working world is increasing, agility is essential. With Lemon® you can meet the growing demands: Make your corporate know-how, your internal communication and your entire e-learning available to all users on the move. On demand. On tablets, smartphones and PCs.


Distribute your business knowledge, for example, in sales, customer service, logistics, service: product information, best practices, POS information, promotions, prices, …


Ideal for the use of web-based trainings, knowledge tests, certifications, learning videos, blended learnings etc. in knowledge transfer and education and training. And all this online and offline on mobile devices.


Simple and fast communication between employees via forum and/or chat: one-on-one or in groups, on specific topics or in general. Just as known from common messengers.

The advantages
of Lemon at a glance:

and simple

The intuitive user interface makes it supremely easy for your employees to work with the system, and makes it an attractive proposition even for older, non-digital-native employees.

and offline

The Lemon® system ensures that your employees have access to product knowledge and corporate know-how at the point of need – even when they’re offline.

On all

No matter which platform you want to distribute your content on: Lemon® runs on all mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and browser-based PC.

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