How do you measure sustainable learning progress?

Understanding learning data in context requires modern business analytics solutions.

Learning analytics methods make training evaluations much more accurate and targeted. They can be used to draw a complete picture of learners and their achieved performance. With the use of our BI solution, strengths and weaknesses of the learning process can be revealed in order to adjust and optimize the learning strategy. What’s more, learning analytics can be used to answer important questions such as “What are the positive consequences of the training?” or “To what extent was it possible to achieve the company’s goals as a result of the training?”.

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Why Learning Analytics?

The data analysis and the interpretation of the corresponding facts serve as a basis to evaluate and adapt your own training strategy. The insights gained provide essential answers for didactic and methodological decisions and interventions for your most important target groups in the learning process – learners, training team and management. The following three analyses are of great importance:

Learning analytics comes down to 3 things.

To avoid simply displaying diagrams that have little direct added value, we first work with you to develop a comprehensive catalog of questions. This includes all points that should be answered by your learning analytics solution. Thereby, 3 points are in the foreground for us:

The Lemon® Learning Analytics Tool.

We rely on a modern business intelligence solution for the preparation and analysis of relevant data and key figures. In this way, we create the valid basis for decision-making for your sustainable training and business success. We provide you with individual, target group-specific dashboards for your stakeholders, automatic reports to dedicated mail addresses on request, we evaluate the coordinates for an LRS to calculate the ROI with you and automate all processes so that you no longer need to worry about anything.

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Your benefits with Lemon® Learning Analytics:

  • Evaluation of the learning data about the content and the learners
  • Testing the effectiveness of measures and methods
  • Optimization suggestions for content and strategy
  • Support for the evaluation of the ROI
  • Development of recommendations for action based on valid data
  • Increase in sustainable training and company success
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