We are Lemon.

Mobility continues to grow at an astonishing rate.
So why should knowledge transfer be static?

We believe that life-long learning, accessing information and education should never be a burden, but an opportunity. To make learning an easy, enjoyable process, we develop advanced, innovative mobile knowledge solutions that are fun to work with and make it a pleasure to collaborate, to communicate and share the joy of being empowered with knowledge.

Our vision:
efficient transfer of know-how
with mobile devices.

The mobile use of corporate know-how makes it easy to deliver and access knowledge: the content comes to the user, and not the other way round. We are fascinated by two aspects: the easy delivery of knowledge through touchpoints that can be used completely independently of location or time, and the wide range of extensions that can be added on to meet individual customer wishes. We believe that the future of knowledge transfer and learning is mobile, and our vision is to actively shape and develop this trend.

The Sensor Digitalmedia management team.

Portrait von Heike Blanke, Vertriebsleiterin der Sensor Digitalmedia Germany GmbH

Heike Blanke


Heike Blanke is responsible for sales and business development at Sensor Digitalmedia Germany. She is a seasoned experienced personnel and media consultant, and her background in corporate publishing marketing, publishing sales and employer branding developments for large publishing and media organizations make her the ideal partner for mobile eLearning solutions. When asked whether she was interested in co-developing the innovative Lemon® mobile learning system, she didn’t hesitate for a single second.


Björn Carstensen


The communication manager is a managing partner at Sensor Digitalmedia Germany, and is responsible for strategy, communications and concepts. As the owner of a digital agency in Hamburg, Carstensen has more than 25 years of experience in communication projects and has worked for major clients such as Henkell & Co., HP, Dr. Oetker, Fürst von Metternich and Orizon. He is valued by his clients as an incisive and perceptive consultant. Founded Sensor Digitalmedia Germany in 2016 with Kay Mathiesen.

Portrait von Kay Mathiesen, Geschäftsführer der Sensor Digitalmedia Germany GmbH

Kay Mathiesen


As managing partner, Kay Mathiesen – a graduate physicist and computer scientist – is responsible for development at Sensor Digitalmedia. Throughout his 30-year career he has worked as a system designer and software developer in executive positions for several renowned IT companies. Together with Björn Carstensen, Mathiesen founded Sensor Digitalmedia Germany in 2016 with the aim of actively shaping the dynamic eLearning market.

We’re looking for sales pros!

Is this something that excites you? Are you a digital native who knows their webinars from their knowledge management and employer branding? Do you have prior experience in sales and a good instinct for human nature? If, on top of all this, you also possess basic technical understanding and would like to work in a highly motivated team to shape the dynamic digital transformation process of companies, then we should meet! Drop us a line, explaining what drives you and send us your CV plus references. We look forward to hearing from you!