Imparting knowledge means arousing curiosity and building excitement.

„What we learn with pleasure we’ll never forget.“

The American poet and playwright Alfred Mercier (1816-1894) already knew what makes for a lasting learning experience: joy. Our fast-moving society needs fun and enjoyment in learning all the more because we receive vast amounts of information every day. As a result, knowledge transfer is increasingly taking place on the move – wherever you are, wherever the knowledge is needed at the moment. To meet the requirements of mobile learning, we rely on microlearning. Through a targeted mix of methods, complex topics can be explained in a simple and targeted manner. And the fun doesn’t fall by the wayside.

Today’s modern learning is called microlearning.

Learning in small units has several advantages. On the one hand, the hurdle of wanting to acquire knowledge is low, as it is associated with significantly less time expenditure. Secondly, microlearning is considered to be particularly effective: content can be viewed in a targeted manner and also repeated. This means that knowledge is anchored more quickly in the memory and can be retrieved more quickly. Microlearning supports informal learning and adapts to the learners, because they determine their own learning speed. The advantages of microlearning in a mobile learning system like Lemon® can be summarized in 3 categories that interact with each other:

We develop any type of e-learning content for you.

No matter what types of learning content are suitable for you: whether learning videos, web-based training, interactive videos, classroom training or a mix of methods – our e-learning consultants analyze your needs with you and design a custom-fit solution. Or do you have ready-made content and want to integrate it into our mobile learning system? No problem. Our experts will analyze your content based on the learning objectives you have set, existing target groups and the learning path you are aiming for. We are at your disposal at any time for your task. Feel free to contact us.

Together we analyze your needs in 6 steps and then develop the appropriate learning content.

  • Analysis of your existing content
  • Establishment of a suitable content structure and learning paths
  • Creation of varied courses
  • Methodically and didactically adapted learning scenarios
  • Targeted Learning Nuggets
  • Interactive training content
  • A few examples of work

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