E-learning from a single source. The 4 service areas of Lemon.

Success is preceded by the right concept.

Learning does not work according to the top-down approach, in which management simply sets learning goals and employees have to learn accordingly. Your employees want to absorb knowledge individually according to their inclinations and abilities. Perhaps in a blended learning approach? Or together as a team? Whatever the task: We develop holistic, needs-based learning strategies with motivating content and measurable results.

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Imparting knowledge means arousing curiosity and building excitement.

A fast-moving society needs fast access to knowledge. And knowledge transfer is increasingly taking place on the move – wherever the knowledge is needed at the moment. To meet the requirements of mobile learning, we rely on microlearning. Through a targeted mix of methods, complex topics can be explained in an exciting and targeted way.

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A good LMS is fun and encourages the learner to learn more.

Our mobile learning system, the Lemon® System, is the efficient combination of communication, collaboration and binding knowledge transfer. One thing was particularly important to us: thinking from the user’s point of view. His or her wishes for an intuitive system are at the center of everything we do.

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Those who can easily analyze results always have an advantage.

With modern business intelligence solutions such as our Lemon® Learning Analytics, you receive valuable metrics in real time to evaluate and regulate processes and strategies. This way, you sustainably secure your investment in your learning strategy.

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