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Self-determined and on demand.

In-company training and development plays an increasingly important role in times of digitalisation. We are regularly faced with new developments and technologies, professional profiles are changing. Learning has been changing fundamentally for several years thanks to digitalisation and opens up the opportunity for self-determined learning for companies and employees. The dream of “knowledge on demand” has become reality with the help of smartphones and tablets and native systems that make all learning content available everywhere.

For all employees.

Mobile learning can be used by all occupational groups – no matter whether field service, production or sales. All content can be precisely channelled – matched to security levels, for example. For decentralised organisations with workplaces without fixed desktop PCs, tablets or smartphones are ideal knowledge media, as they can also offer the knowledge units offline in native system environments and are easy to use.

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For all sectors.

Flexible and independent learning via mobile learning enables the transfer of knowledge at any time and any place and can easily be accommodated in the users’ everyday life. It therefore works across all sectors. Thus, companies such as financial service providers, insurers, traders and logistics providers can use Mobile Learning just as much as companies from the automotive, pharmaceutical or industry sectors in general. It is generally suitable wherever extensive specialist knowledge and corporate know-how needs to be continually updated and expanded and employees need to know about a multitude of details, new regulations, procedural techniques, changed ordinances, etc. need to know.

The advantages
of mobile learning
at a glance:

Local and temporal flexibility

Employees can always participate in e-learning and pursue their further education from anywhere, whenever it suits them – whether online or offline.

Motivated employees

More self-determination through the offer of diverse learning nuggets that can be consumed mobile at any time and any place. This relieves the users and leads to more motivation.

Individual learning speed

Now every user learns at his or her own pace. Mobile learning via tablets and smartphones makes it possible.

Constantly updated Learning content

Up-to-date learning content for everyone. Push messages inform you, for example, when new learning content is available – conveniently at the touch of a button.

Sustainable knowledge transfer

Mobile learning systems make it possible to repeat what has been learned over and over again. Smaller learning units, different content formats such as video, image and text, but also incentives promote the sustainable transfer of knowledge.

Cost savings through fewer attendance seminars

You can’t do without face-to-face seminars. But by reducing the number of seminar days, costs can be saved without sacrificing sustainable knowledge consolidation.

Our white paper on the topic
“Mobile Learning.

Mobile knowledge transfer is one of the latest trends and will continue to gain in importance. With this white paper, we would like to provide you with an overview of the possibilities and areas of application of mobile learning and illustrate the extent to which companies can benefit from knowledge transfer via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

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