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The first Learning Management System that is as powerful on mobile as it is on PC.

The first Learning Management System that is as powerful on mobile as it is on PC.

Simple. Mobile.

Our intuitive platform is optimized for mobile use and perfect for quick and efficient communication, collaboration, and knowledge transfer within the company.

Your LMS. Your Design.

Lemon® is the White-Label LMS that adapts to your preferences. We customize it precisely according to your Corporate Design requirements, whether it’s typography, colors, or sound logos. With Lemon, your LMS becomes an integral part of your Employer Branding.

Lemon® - The solution for effortless learning and high-performance training programs.

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Discover how Lemon® has revolutionized the learning world in partnership with leading companies like adidas, Philips, Commerzbank, and many others. Our case studies provide deep insights into inspiring projects that have empowered sales teams, deepened product knowledge, and enhanced learning engagement. Gain valuable insights and download the PDF files now.

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Frequently asked questions

E-learning is generally understood as learning through electronic or digital media. This learning can take place either on a PC or laptop, or mobile on smartphones and tablets.

Das klassische Mobile Learning, als Weiterentwicklung des E-Learnings, zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass Inhalte mobil und damit immer und überall mittels einer speziellen Software und Plattformen bereitgestellt werden und flexibel verfügbar sind. Noch mehr Flexibilität erhalten die Mitarbeiter, wenn die mobilen Lernsysteme in nativen Apps, das heißt in Apps, die speziell für das jeweilige Betriebssystem entwickelt wurden, auch offline verfügbar sind. Lerninhalte der Plattform, die zuvor im WLAN heruntergeladen wurden, können so auch unterwegs konsumiert werden, ohne das Datenvolumen aufzubrauchen und auf eine starke Internetverbindung angewiesen zu sein.

Mobile Lernsysteme ermöglichen es dem Lerner also, selbstständig und individuell zu lernen, wann und wo er will. Damit ist das E-Learning eigentlich nur eine logische Folge der gesamten gesellschaftlichen Entwicklung – und der Digitalisierung. Musste man früher zur Beantwortung alltäglicher oder schulischer Fragen permanent ein Lexikon zu Hilfe nehmen, wird inzwischen das Smartphone verwendet, das auf jede Frage eine Antwort bereithält, egal, wo man gerade ist. Da ist es nicht weiter verwunderlich, dass inzwischen auch Lerninhalte über das Web und spezielle Software-Systeme, den Lernmanagementsystemen (LMS), bereitgestellt werden und dass bei Bedarf auch Lehrveranstaltungen digital organisiert werden können. Gleichzeitig kann mit entsprechenden Software-Ergänzungen wie Forum, Chat, Online-Videokonferenzen oder anderen integrierten Kommunikationsmöglichkeiten die Kommunikation zwischen Lernenden und Lehrenden, aber auch untereinander auf der Plattform sichergestellt werden.

Whether in our private or professional lives, we are subject to a constant learning process everywhere. Many employees are also very interested in further training, but they simply often lack the time to take part in traditional further training opportunities. Nowadays, face-to-face seminars or time-restricted e-learning courses often no longer fit into employees’ private and working lives.

Mobile learning is generally suitable for all types of companies and types of employees.

However, it is particularly predestined for decentralized organizations with many employees in sales, logistics, service or field service, as these employees do not have a fixed desktop workstation and are often on the move. Traditional e-learning or face-to-face seminars are therefore not optimal solutions. In addition to being used for in-company training of employees, mobile learning systems can also be used in sales in digital sales support, in customer contact, with suppliers or service partners, for example, to access product knowledge and sales information that employees need during customer appointments and to be able to use it on the move.

But mobile learning also offers academies a number of advantages. Their users can engage with the content, take tests or follow webinars at their own pace, regardless of time and place. Learning is therefore no longer tied to a desk and therefore fixed locations, but can be designed flexibly and individually. Entirely according to the user’s ideas and wishes.

Mobile learning systems are also suitable as a supplement to face-to-face seminars, for example to provide accompanying materials digitally during the seminar, which can be further processed after the seminar or simply stored digitally.

Yes, our society is more mobile today than ever before. And people are working from anywhere. The possibilities for a weak network and therefore very slow or interrupted connections are manifold. Various workplaces – for example in the countryside or in places such as basements, elevators, tunnels, mountains, valleys, POS, etc. – do not have sufficient network coverage. Even during business trips by train, plane, suburban train or subway train, network interruptions occur far too frequently, making the learning process impossible when using a browser-based LMS. More and more employees and private individuals also want to be able to continue their education on their smartphone or tablet. Employers are now almost expected to provide digital, mobile training opportunities. A mobile learning system with offline-capable, native apps is therefore an advantage.
Lemon® is a digital mobile learning and knowledge management system that distributes digital content to mobile devices and makes it available to users for further education and training or for information purposes and to support sales. The content provided can be consumed both offline and online with the help of Lemon®. Furthermore, the progress of knowledge can be trained and checked by the individual user and, if necessary, certified. Lemon® also offers the possibility for users to communicate with each other. The administrator can give users different access rights and manage all content.

Our system is primarily aimed at medium-sized and large companies as well as academies that require a mobile learning platform.

Decentrally organized companies that rely on their employees having quick access to training materials or product information, for example, without a fixed desktop workstation are particularly suited to this. This could be sales staff at the POS or when traveling, for example, or employees working on site. However, companies whose employees are not exclusively on the move will also find Lemon® a suitable platform thanks to its browser access.

Lemon offers academies the opportunity to provide their various courses for different target groups in one system. Lemon® is suitable for both the B2B and B2C business of academies.

Lemon® can be used as a native app on Apple® iPads and iPhones with iOS 11.4 or higher and Android tablets and smartphones with Android System 5 and higher. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge are required to use the desktop version via a browser.
We offer different hosting options depending on your needs. From hosting on large shared servers to the use of our own managed servers or even on-premise solutions, all scenarios are conceivable. We always decide together with the customer which solution best meets the specific requirements in terms of security, performance and reliability. Talk to our specialists about your individual needs and we will work with you to develop the optimum solution, taking into account all aspects of future-oriented requirements planning.
The Lemon® standard languages are German and English. In addition, all other languages are supported on request and can be individually selected by the user. By default, the SIE form of address is used within the system. Lemon® can also be switched to the DU form of address on request.
Our self-image of an individual learning experience means that an LMS can be fully adapted to the customer’s requirements. In addition to all system-related customization options, this also means the flexibility to fully reflect the client’s corporate identity. This means that your own corporate colors, logos, corporate fonts, image motifs and graphics as well as your sound logos and video formats can be perfectly integrated into the Lemon® user interface and the system fully adapted to your brand world. Make Lemon® your employer branding tool!
Lemon® consists of a basic system that can be specifically adapted to your requirements using many add-ons and extension modules. You can choose from various modules and features in the areas of communication, (user) activation, service and strategy.
We are constantly developing Lemon further and adding new functions. In addition, Lemon® can also be adapted and expanded to meet all individual customer requirements within the scope of technical feasibility. These projects are offered separately. Please talk to our sales department about your special requirements.
We can connect your Active Directory to the Lemon® system via an interface and thus also use the company’s internal login data for logging into Lemon®.
Active Directory, store systems, personnel management systems, external seminar booking tools – these are just some of the possible systems that we can connect to Lemon® via an interface. Simply contact us and we will evaluate the possibilities.=
The file formats that Lemon® can process and play back are: WBTs (HTML 5 content, xAPI), webinars, videos, interactive videos, audio files (e.g. podcasts), PDF documents, augmented reality content and, on request, many other standard file formats.

Of course. On the one hand, you can select and purchase suitable content from the Lemon® content library with over 150 ready-made courses on topics such as data protection, compliance, conflict management, sales or self-competence. We can also advise you on the creation of content – or work with you to create varied content and courses that precisely match your learning objectives in terms of methodology and didactics.

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