The mobile learning system Lemon.

Are you looking for the mobile e-learning and knowledge
transfer system of the latest generation?

Here you go. The power of Lemon® means there are few limits to your requirements: modular design, intuitive user experience, native on all platforms, dashboards, reporting, learning paths, knowledge tests, certifications, gamification, user engagement, for all digital content, for all languages and fully customizable to your corporate design. What’s more, you can extend the Lemon® LMS to meet your individual needs. What are your requirements for mobile knowledge transfer?

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Knowledge transfer on tablets, smartphones and PCs.

As a native system, the Lemon® LMS runs stably and reliably – whether on Android or Apple iOS devices. Lemon® can be operated in parallel browser-based on the desktop PC. This means that your teams have all the knowledge at their disposal at any time and anywhere – even in parallel on several devices at the same time.

Easy to use.
Without training.
Without instructions.

Its intuitive user guidance and gesture control make it child’s play for digital natives and older people to experience content on Lemon®. The native system environment stands for a decisive advantage: comfortable operation. See for yourself in a short web presentation or with our free test system on your smartphone or tablet.

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For all contents.

The Lemon® LMS can play all file formats that are important for knowledge and information distribution: Videos, podcasts, PDFs, webinars, interactive videos, augmented reality, web-based training and HTML 5 content. And if you have special requests, please just contact us. Best of all: even offline – e.g. on the train, in production, at the customer’s etc. – all loaded content can be accessed quickly and directly.

For all target groups.

Lemon® can be used not only internally but also externally. This way, you can also distribute targeted content to all other important stakeholders, stay constantly up-to-date and check the correct use of your knowledge. And in the case of important announcements, you ensure via direct push messages that your users are really informed.

One basic system, many add-ons.

The basic Lemon® system already meets your basic requirements for a mobile e-learning system. And with more than a dozen extension modules, you can adapt it specifically to your requirements. So you only use the functions you need. As your requirements increase, you can add further modules to your system at any time. In addition, we are also able to implement individual ideas.

Chat & Forum
for collaboration and exchange.

With Lemon® LMS, your teams can talk quickly and directly via chat or forum – incl. groups and file attachments. In addition, the chat server can be operated by your IT: This gives you full control over data security when your team sends files via Messenger.

Train at any time.

With Lemon® LMS, your employees can check their learning progress at any time and complete training courses themselves. In addition, it is possible to carry out certifications yourself – Lemon® automatically creates certificates according to your specifications. And the Lemon® LMS also warns the user in good time by push message before certifications expire.

Important info for your team? Send push notes.

You have uploaded new content and want to inform your employees about it? There is a new chat message from a colleague? A certificate is about to expire? No problem. Lemon® LMS notifies with the help of push notes – when clicking on the message, the user lands directly in the new content. Direct and convenient.

Speaks all the languages of your company.

Of course, the Lemon® LMS can be operated as a multilingual learning system in all languages. This means that Lemon® is also suitable for international organisational structures. Lemon® automatically adapts to the selected system language.

The Lemon® LMS. Simple. Clear. Comfortable.

The Lemon® back-end allows you to manage your content and users easily and conveniently: create or import users, divide them into groups, assign rights, upload content, sort it, specify learning paths, create points and time accounts, assign everything – done. Within one day you are ready to go and have distributed your content. For knowledge training and certification, you can enter questions and answers and get started. If you already have an internal LMS, Lemon® can work with your data via an interface and also return it to your system.

A user interface that adapts to your design.

Your corporate design specifications are no problem for Lemon®. Whether corporate typography, colour code or sound logos – there are no limits to your requirements. This way, the learning system becomes another building block of your employer branding. For an example in your look, please talk to our sales department.

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