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Case Study Ernst von Bergmann Hospital Group

Compulsory medical training for all professional groups – simple, uncomplicated and self-determined!

The Ernst von Bergmann Hospital Group is a group of companies with about 3,800 employees and is one of the largest employers in the Berlin/Brandenburg metropolitan region. The sites are spread from the west of Brandenburg to the Polish border in Forst and naturally have a very heterogeneous workforce.
The hospital group was faced with the challenge of providing training content and compulsory continuing education to all these staff members from the most diverse departments and areas at the different locations. The aim was to modernise professional learning and make it more flexible, as colleagues are actively involved in patient care on site and time resources are scarce.
In the middle of the preparations for the start with Lemon®, the pandemic burst with all its restrictions, which made it even clearer that a digital learning management system is absolutely indispensable.
Find out more about mobile knowledge transfer with Lemon® for the 3,800 employees of the Ernst von Bergmann hospital group here.

“If you want a smart learning management system for the installation of your own learning units that is clear and easy to use, I really recommend Lemon®.”

Kevin Faustmann 

Personnel Development Team  | Ernst von Bergmann Klinik-Gruppe

Case Study Ernst von Bergmann Klinik-Gruppe

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