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How do you make further education and training possible for people in caring professions and shift work? Through real, mobile learning that is fun!

Corona was a fire accelerator for two topics in particular: Digitalisation and care. However, both topics have little to do with each other in real life, because professional carers have very little contact with digital offers in everyday life. smartAware® wanted to change that and raise further education and training in care to a whole new level. In their search for a suitable system, they chose Lemon®. From now on, thanks to smartAware®, it’s PRIMETIME in nursing – edutainment at its best from early to late shift! The result: Enthusiastic users and unreservedly positive feedback thanks to the modern content and intuitive usability with the high-end front-end of Lemon®.

As the saying goes, Let him who commits himself forever, see if he can‘t find something better., and I‘m getting to the heart of it: We haven‘t found anything better than Lemon®!

Volker Homann

Managing Director & Founder | smartAware®

Case Study smartAware

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